Khalifa Al Maftool Advocates & Legal Consultant was established in 1978 as a one of the oldest and greatest legal institutions in the United Arab Emirates. It is known for its good reputation, positive findings, and high-end solutions to problems and issues of its customers and in all branches of law. The great success achieved is due to the correct vision of the General Manager of the Office / Arbitrator and Legal Advisor Mohamed Nagib and his clear strategy in the legal scale. Furthermore, his keenness on the benefit and service of the customers of the office with giving an utmost care in following up the issues of customers and preserving their rights and their position in the cases through the members of the office. This is also due to the legal and professional experience of the office consultants and all the members of the legal system who have legal experience expanding more than three decades. It is the reason for the success and continuation of the office and the achievement of its objectives as the interest of the principal is our first concern. Our representation of the offices' customers stems from our deep belief in the profession of law, which is the most honorable and noble profession. We feel proud whenever we obtain the rights of our customers and make them satisfied with our business so that we become a distinctive mark in the field of providing legal services and consultations in all kinds of issues (civil, criminal commercial, investment, real estate and legal) and in commercial arbitration and settlement of disputes… We hope that we will have the privilege of representing you or defending you before courts, authorities and judicial and arbitral bodies, if any dispute arises concerning your business. We welcome you and honored to represent you! MOHAMED NAGIB General Manager

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