- during the few past years , the focus of “ international law “ office for advocates & legal consultants was to provide the best services for our clients .we are proud to have many offices inside the united arab emirates and abroad . our mission is to have a deep understanding of the local and international environment, with regard to law, and to be aware of the continuous changes in work environment during the last few years. we continue to develop our works and services, in coordination with our different branches.

- the “ international law “ office for advocates & legal consultants is proud to have an office in dubai , and branches in emirate of sharjah and egypt .

- to provide our customers with the best services, we have established strategic companies in most of the gcc and some middle east countries.

- we selected our team of lawyers in the “international law “office for advocates & legal consultants, in accordance with high criteria to enable us to provide excellent services for our clients. on the other hand, this makes us able to understand the needs of our customers for strategic legal services and practical solutions for their business.

we, in “international law “office for advocates & legal consultants, consider excellent performance our priority which distinguish us from others .our commitment to values, ethics, and professional principles enables us to provide quality services for our customers. we do our best, and we are proud to serve our customers in the best methods.

- our objective is to provide an added value in the field of law, legal services and legal consultancy services, whether in the emirate of dubai, united arab emirates and worldwide.


international law office is one of the leading law firms in the united arab emirates, egypt and some other arab countries.

we cover all litigation aspects in accordance with different laws, before all competent parties’.

our works include legal consultancy and services by specialized lawyers and advocates, representation of our clients before all courts, and arbitration agencies.

we help to settle disputes of establishments, commercial companies and industrial sector, we have strategic partners in most of the arab countries.




- since the profession of lawyers is one of the most important and honorable professions that achieve justice alongside the judiciary, the consultant ahmed hussein al-barawi has established the international law office of advocates and legal consultancy in the uae for many years through his experience of more than twenty years in the uae our office has undertaken to maintain the honor of the profession and its mission. the office provides its consultancy services to meet all the different legal needs of the clients whether they are individuals or companies at the local or international level.

- with the development of our office and the expansion of our relationship and meet the needs of our clients, the office has opened branches in egypt and most of the gulf countries and some foreign countries.

- this expansion required the joining of a large number of legal advisers to the office to work in all legal disciplines to cover the legal work in the fields of consulting and preparing contracts and various agreements and representing our clients in different stages of litigation before uae and foreign courts and local and international arbitration centers.

- the office has a team of lawyers and national and foreign consultants with expertise and competence both in the field of specialization and help each other as needed in all magazines and branches of law. we also have a highly qualified administrative team to follow the needs of our clients and communicate with them to overcome any obstacles or requests.

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