Introduction: Dr. Zubaida Jasim Al Maazmi Lawyers and Consultant Office is one of the leading law firms to provide distinguished legal service in the United Arab Emirates. Strategy and objectives: Objectives: 1. Achieve customer satisfaction in accordance with the principles of the office. 2. Continuing development of the staff perception of our belief that our work is based on understanding and managing the legal risks that our clients face to protect their interests and to maintain their competitiveness. 3. Achieve leadership and excellence in private legal work. 4. Follow up on what is new in the laws and trademarks in the United Arab Emirates. 5. Providing qualified legal cadres with high professional competence that match the requirements of the services provided to our clients. Our Values: •Justice (strengthening confidence in the judicial system locally and internationally). •Working in a team spirit (attracting highly qualified human resources to suit customer requirements - enhancing the internal environment that stimulates creativity and differentiation). •Transparency (development and activation of the use of acclamation). •Innovation (efficient and innovative human resource development). Our Vision: - To be one of the best offices in the UAE to provide excellent legal services consistent with the vision and strategy of the Government of the United Arab Emirates. Our Mission: - Striving to achieve quality and excellence, improve the legal work according to best and global practices to save customers' interests.

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