Abdulhamid Al Balooshi Advocates & Legal Consultants launched its legal services in the early nineties in the UAE, and rapidly gained a prestigious reputation among its peers, as a safe haven and a trusted business partner in the Middle East. This has clearly manifested in the increase of cases with which we deal in terms of their global value and nature, which reflects a clear message in the legal community that Abdulhamid Al Balooshi office has become the best choice for operating companies, governmental institutions and persons in our region. Experience and serious pursuit of its work excellence have led to a growing understanding of the Office's judicial and commercial role and growing confidence in its performance by the commercial and legal services sector. The increased number and complexity of cases, with which Abdulhamid Al Balooshi dealt, has not affected the efficiency of its performance during daily practice. Therefore, its annual review shows that 70% of cases filed before the courts have been decided within at least eight weeks, and 50% of cases have been settled in the first instance court before resorting to litigation; thanks to the commended performance of the legal team, judicial support team and administrative support at Abdulhamid Al Balooshi office.

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